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Q: What does the symbol indicate?

A: That the food was prepared according to the highest possible ethical standards according to Jewish Law.

Q. What does a Magen Tzedek tell me?

A. Magen Tzedek is a supplemental mark that will be affixed only to foods bearing the symbol of a kashrut certification. It does not replace a traditional kosher symbol.

Q. I don’t keep kosher, why would I be concerned about this? Why do I want to buy products with a Magen Tzedek?

A. If you care about workers, animals and the planet Earth, you are a supporter of Magen Tzedek. Magen Tzedek states that food tastes best when it is prepared with integrity.

Q: Is this strictly supported and organized by the Conservative movement?

A: Magen Tzedek has the support of the Conservative movement as well as rabbis and leaders from other religious denominations, both inside and outside the Jewish community.

Q: Does Magen Tzedek mean the food is healthier for me?

A: It means that the food was produced in an ethical manner.

Q: Does Magen Tzedek mean the food is Organic?

A: Magen Tzedek applies to organic as well as non-organic foods.

Q: How is a product inspected/evaluated in order to get the service mark?

A: The complete answer is to be delivered with the public release of the standards.

Q: What is the quality control process to make sure the product keeps the label?

A: The complete answer is to be delivered with the public release of the standards.

Q: How does the Magen Tzedek compare with other “Green Labels” Organic, free trade, etc?

A: The Magen Tzedek service mark covers a uniquely comprehensive set of concerns that begin at the farm (for animal products) or field (for plant products), and carry those values trough every step of the food production process, all the way to your fork.

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